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Star Microelectronics Pvt Ltd (Formerly Sigma International ) came into being in 2010, with an idea, a new concept in distribution. Ever since our origin, we have been making rapid strides and progressing at a lightning fast rate. As a result, today Star Microelectronics is among the fastest growing, electronic component distributors in India. Star Microelectronics is an independent distributor of electronic components. We are the distributors of a plethora of electronic components like integrated circuits, diodes, resistor, capacitor, connector, MOSFET, memory IC’s ( create links same way as home pages) and transistors. We deal in all branded electronic components from MOTOROLA, PHILIPS, TOSHIBA, Hitachi, AVX, Freescale and the likes.

Star Microelectronics laid the foundation with a unique vision regarding the future of distribution of electronic components. Star Microelectronics has shown great fortitude and has even executed and realised their vision to perfection. This makes Star Microelectronics the “numero uno” or perhaps the industry leader among electronic component distributors. Star Microelectronics comes first when it comes to quality of supply and on-time delivery.

Our mission is to provide the supreme, personalised service in the industry of electronic products. Star Microelectronics aims at excelling in cost, quality and delivery of goods over its counterparts. Star Microelectronics continuously strives to build long term business relationships with both competitors and suppliers so that the future of distribution in India is bright. Star Microelectronics consistently focuses on upgrading technology, infrastructure and manufacturing systems on a regular basis so as to meet the continuously changing needs of the customers. Thus, our main aim revolves around offering products and services that meet the requirement of our customers in terms of both quality and delivery, on regular basis. Star Microelectronics targets customer satisfaction primarily, our track record of customer compliance is excellent. We stand second to none. You can surely try us for a pleasant surprise.

Our management team, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, continues to focus on excellent service to customers all over the globe, catering to their demands of both supreme quality and delivery. Our management team also strives hard to build long term business relationships and healthy rapport based on effective communication, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.


  • Provide the best personalised service in the industry of electronic products.
  • Excel in quality, cost and delivery over competitors.
  • Foster long term partnership with customers and suppliers.
  • Learn, practice and teach total quality management in the entire organization, at all levels to meet 100% customer requirement.
  • Upgrade technology, infrastructure and manufacturing systems on continuous basis to meet future customer needs.
  • Offer products and services to meet customers requirement of quality and delivery on consistent and continous basis at competitive prices.